Eutopia from Trickster-P [Switzerland]

Eutopia from Trickster-P [Switzerland]

I only experienced two immersive projects from Tricker-P but both were brilliant. These two are Nettles and Twilight. Both of which were available during the art festival of T-Werk in Potsdam. Ever since I follow the company to see what they are up to next. Now their new show Eutopia is out and I would love to see/experience it. To quote from their website:

The stories of the Earth have changed in nature and scale: we do not write stories to tell the creation or the course of the world, but to avert its end.

Eutopia was born from the desire to explore a different paradigm of “doing together” through a playful and multisensory approach. How can we re-construct or de-construct our “doing”? How to live together after all these months of isolation? How to coexist with the plurality of forms around ‘nature’ without denying our “human being”?
By combining performance, installation and game design, Eutopia calls into question old biological, ecological and anthropological models to transform the theater into a large action table around which spectators and spectators are invited to a participatory experience whose results, always different, are the result of their individual peculiar contributions.
Collective action, as fundamental as it is ephemeral, thus becomes an instrument for delineating possible worlds, which put at the center narratives and visions in which the human and the non-human intertwine to recompose a jagged geography of multispecies landscapes in continuous transformation.
By privileging that art of telling stories in which human beings are not at the center, but do not even play the role of intruders against whom ‘nature’ should be protected, Eutopia involves the participants, questions them and makes them partakers of the unrelated stories. human beings that arise from their action.

The next dates are as follows:

April 29 – May 05
IT – Milan
FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts

15 – 17 June
CH -Chur
Theater Chur

01 – 03 July
IT – Pergine
Pergine Festival

06 – 09 October
FR – Toulouse
Toulouse Biennale

08 – 11 December
CH -Zürich
Theater Stadelhofen

Go check it out and report back! I would love to hear your review.

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