Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds | VR | London UK

Get ready for a completely unique multi-sensory experience that transports you back to 1898 to experience a Martian invasion. Live actors guide you through 24 interactive scenes enhanced with virtual reality and multi-sensory effects – all set to Jeff Wayne’s iconic score.

The Locksmith’s Dream [UK]

Set in the occult 1920’s, The Locksmith’s Dream invites guests to step into a magnificent 17th century house in the Monmouthshire  countryside. A mysterious setting which allows guests to explore their own curiosity and moments of joyous realisation when solving intriguing puzzles. Come for a luxury overnight stay and join a narrative occult scavenger hunt […]

Key of Dreams [UK]

An event spread over twenty-four hours. A historic manor house where fact and fiction rub shoulders over sumptuous meals in the oak-clad banqueting hall. Where each glorious vista, snatched musical refrain or hushed conversation with one of the many characters might unlock a moment of revelation. Similar to the Locksmith's Dream.


Violas Room, Punchdrunk [London, UK]

An audio-driven journey through a moonlit fever dream. Barefoot and wearing headphones, audiences feel their way through a labyrinthine installation as an unseen narrator reveals a story of innocence lost and obsession unleashed.